So, here I am, alive with the realisation that I am here. That it’s OK to say “I like it like this please” or I want to do this” but also anticipating push back when I do. I worry about that. So, let’s think about that for a while. I worry that I will beContinue reading “Bullseye”

I know this…now?

This post has been a while in the writing…just over 50 years to be exact. Today I’d like to explain how I have come to be me. At least I will try to. This is as a result of a LOT of thinking, remembering, talking etc etc. So, a recap first off. I am divorced,Continue reading “I know this…now?”

April again

It’s that time of year again folks… And yet again I’m a day late… Always start of late but always really glad I take part in this wonderful initiative… Here is today’s efforts… I will catch up today or tomorrow


There’s something about sitting in the creeping dawn, filling up with ideas but with hands that are dormant, unable to articulate the squirming stories that come boiling up in my head. I wake up and the first thing I do is check to see whether I feel energy. Any energy. Ever since the time IContinue reading “Lines”