so many sites, so many forums, so many faces….here’s a selection of the images I posted tonight…. There is no rhyme or reason to my choices, but they are slightly different. The one I am most happy with is the fridge. I love that. Probably because it is the only  “real” picture …  We chooseContinue reading “Janus”

Notes from inside

Well, if I can stop my hands from shaking (it’s been a long day thus far)  I will give you an update from deep within the world of contemporary art…guys, Stitch goes to Frieze 2015…and, sort of, survives. I’m in one of the watering holes drinking a very abstemious fizzy water and attempting to sneakContinue reading “Notes from inside”


I haven’t written a poem in ages. My pen sticks to sketching, My words have gone dark. I’ve not been rhyming I’ve not written ditties. It’s brush strokes these days that I work.  Perhaps I have hoisted myself from the depths I really don’t know why I’ve stopped. I think it’s a temporary, interim thingContinue reading “Blank”

Map 2

have a look at my sister blog’s post on where I’ve got to on these ideas so far….

Map 1

well, I start my Fine Art MA next week…so I went to the previous years’ Final Show today and had the chance to see what type of work is being done by the current graduating class. I came away with spaghetti brain….ideas spilling out of my head. I do like a shove in the rightContinue reading “Map 1”