Sometimes I feel like I have lots of different sides, a human dodecahedron if you will. There is my old professional life when I used to advise multinationals and get involved in megadeals. There is my life as a wife and mother,  even though I shudder at the term. Domesticity is not a bad thingContinue reading “Kansas”


up on a roof.     And on the right page.     


to. New. York. Yup.  That’s right. NYC here I come. I’m on a bus heading to the airport and a flight to a totally self indulgent trip hopefully filled with fabric and art and fun and good friends and food. I’ve got my sketch books and pens, I have my iPad and sweeties. All set.Continue reading “Flight”

View from the sofa

Things I have learnt in the last few days: Stomach bugs go through children a lot faster than they go through adults. My boys were ill with a bug for approximately 36 hours each. I am still laid low approximately three days later. I am getting bored. When I get bored I do tend toContinue reading “View from the sofa”

By degrees

Update: I have submitted my application for the MA. So I hope it works. Now, regular readers of this lovely blog will know that I am particularly good at starting projects. I am less good at finishing them. Well, here’s my latest, and this time, I will definitely see it from start to finish. IContinue reading “By degrees”