Blowing in the wind

…and it is. Blowing. I am sitting outside the boys’ room in Brixham listening to a gale outside and gentle breathing inside. Elder hasn’t slept well and I’m wide awake. So I thought I’d pop in and say hello. Hello.

I’ve been doing the customary year end reflections recently. As you do. It’s been a funny old year. Truly a year of change. I have had to make some big changes (and continue to do so) to cope with the ever present Parkinsons. The biggest challenge is accepting I can’t just go on like the Duracell bunny. Down time is good time. Repeat after me. Ah, yes, but I have to believe it as well as do it and there’s the rub. I will always struggle with that I expect. And, tbh, I think if should. To acquiesce to this disease would be to give up my personality. Already I know I have changed. I am not as forthcoming or socially adept as before. I think a little slower when having a bad day. But, hey, maybe we all do. I’m not complaining. I have had a creativity boost which more than compensates. Weird but good.

Anyway, I’m planning a proper 2013 Review post but these are (literally) my 4am thoughts. Off to bed with you!


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