Do you start your posts with a picture, a title or an idea? I normally go with the picture first then rabbit on (or not) accordingly. Today however, I’m torn. Torn between the pictures I took this evening of a beautiful sunset, the sketches I have been working on this week and ruminations on life,…

Arty flowers

I spent some time in the local gardens today, snapping the flora and fauna. Then I played a bit. I’m especially liking the faded tea roses. They make me think of old newspapers and calico. New ideas forming…you have been warned.


Way back at the beginning of the year I said I would Choose Life this year. Wel, here we are almost at the midpoint and how am I doing? A mixed bag, I’d say. I’ve become better at stopping to smell the metaphorical flowers of Life, I’ve grown to realise how lucky I am with…

Colour me happy

A shot straight into a main artery. That’s what I need after the last few sleepless nights. No gin in the house so zingy colour instead. And I hate gin. Onwards and upwards. Keep saying it and my ruby slippers will get me there eventually. And my friends.

Kaffe Society

The charity shop strikes again….this masterpiece has given me loads of ideas for 2012…. Bliss. I’ve a horrible cold so this shot of colour is just what I needed!! Update: oh God. I went back. 3 more books on Needlepoint incl Fassett’s tome, Glorious Needlepoint. I’m a danger to myself.