Do you start your posts with a picture, a title or an idea? I normally go with the picture first then rabbit on (or not) accordingly. Today however, I’m torn. Torn between the pictures I took this evening of a beautiful sunset, the sketches I have been working on this week and ruminations on life, death, family, children and friends. I mentioned the idea of bucket lists in my last post…I dreamt about my father last night. He died five years ago of Alzheimer’s. A vivid dream, I woke up forgetting he’d gone. A stab when I remembered. And a feeling of needing to live life intensely.

What do I mean? Not taking massive doses of drugs and throwing TVs out the window (who watches TV these days anyway plus a flying iPad has less momentum, figuratively and physically). No, I mean turn the colour dial up, enjoy the ride, grab the moment. Experience. Don’t wait until the ‘right’ time, it will never come. You will never get all your ducks in a row. If they’re in the same room you’re doing well. Nike are right. Just Do It.

The pictures I chose were, I the end, randomly identified. I just went with what looked happy.


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