Way back at the beginning of the year I said I would Choose Life this year. Wel, here we are almost at the midpoint and how am I doing? A mixed bag, I’d say. I’ve become better at stopping to smell the metaphorical flowers of Life, I’ve grown to realise how lucky I am with the friends and family I have around me. I’ve managed to do a reasonable amount of making too, which is good. Those are the pluses.

What about where I need to work on for the next six months then?

Well, I’m writing this post by the hospital bed of a (now) gently snoozing Little One. He has had a nasty chest infection which has led to us having the opportunity to leisurely explore the inner corners of Stitch City’s’ local hospital’s (very well stocked) playroom. And other fun sights. It’s been a worrying time but I think we’re ok now, thankfully. But it’s reinforced my bond with him too and made me very clear that I want to live my life in colour. By which I mean try to enjoy my life and family more without unnecessary stresses playing with my attention and turning everything into greys. What do i mean? Well, i want to work on my health as a priority. And my boys. Lots of playing is on the agenda, oh yes. And similar stuff. Lets sort the wheat from the chaff shall we and focus on the important bits.

So, my resolution holds good. Choose Life. A life in colour. And knowing my little terrors, with the volume turned up to 11.


3 responses to “Colour”

  1. I’m glad to hear that Little One is on the mend. So worrying when children are ill!
    Your resolution to “live life in colour” sounds excellent. I shall think of that, when the colour starts to leach out of my life – and I shall imagine a great big paintbrush loaded with colour. The thought of painting always cheers me up 🙂


    1. How is working life treating you btw? Love the paintbrush idea, I shall think of that too.


      1. Working life is treating me pretty well, thank you. Things are starting to gel – my new boss arrived at about the same time that the project I will be engaged upon started to move. But it’s not too hectic. I’m even getting a bike ride or two in (sometimes on legitimate work business!).


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