Caught & social

So, I started my MA. I’m a student and my brain is wrenching and uncurling accordingly. Good brain. Well done. And I’m trying to work out what my ‘thing’ is. I have to have a ‘thing’. I thought my thing was flow. The creative process itself. That light bulb moment. But, I don’t think thisContinue reading “Caught & social”

Physics and art: in memorium

The really weird thing is I can never remember The day you left us for good. When mum died the day was stamped in my memory I may as well write it in blood . But you, you with your quietness, you slipping away from your mind Where did you go? Or is the realContinue reading “Physics and art: in memorium”

Proustian Preston

Memory is a strange beasty. The same memory can make you sad one day and happy the next day. Logic does not apply in the land of reminices. And quite right too. I’ve had a day of memories as i travelled Oop North to myUncle’s funeral. It was a testament to the man that, despiteContinue reading “Proustian Preston”

Thank you for the niggles

I know I’m swimming at the shallow end of the gene pool but sometimes you have to count your blessings. The early death of a colleague, a mother and wife is today’s catalyst. How sad that loss is what is needed to give you that necessary jolt. That spark to look up, out and overContinue reading “Thank you for the niggles”