Thank you for the niggles


I know I’m swimming at the shallow end of the gene pool but sometimes you have to count your blessings. The early death of a colleague, a mother and wife is today’s catalyst. How sad that loss is what is needed to give you that necessary jolt. That spark to look up, out and over the day’s mundanity. At least I’ve GOT mundanity. I’m thankful for the niggles, the moaning, the childish arguments. They are part of life after all and that’s the best thing we have.

I’ve had a tetchy morning but by God I’m glad I’ve got that chance. All my prayers go to my friend and her family. RIP.


3 responses to “Thank you for the niggles”

  1. I know what you mean, as you say sometimes we forget to count our blessings


  2. I felt the same when I head the news. Thank God for small mercies and it puts everything in perspective.


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