Quilt lovers’ delight

I got a parcel through the post today…want to see? I warn you, if you are a quilter you’d better settle down. I’m itching to play with these babies, vintage 1940’s blocks, with original papers attached. I’ve got a few ideas already. Watch for Christmas list developments soon…enjoy! The boat is my favourite. I’m planningContinue reading “Quilt lovers’ delight”

Yo yo cushion – chatty tutorial

I thought I’d try to give you a description of how I cobbled this little lovely together…it’s become one of my favourites already! I cheated and got the yoyo’s (or Suffolk Puffs) from eBay – they’re vintage 1940’s apparantly – but to make a yoyo is so easy even I do it look . You cutContinue reading “Yo yo cushion – chatty tutorial”

Clear the decks…

Spring is the time of new beginnings isn’t it? My resolution for 2012 was to Choose Life. Despite some hiccups I’m doing just that, slowly, slowly. So what’s the next step? It came to me at 3am a few days ago. I have to get back in the driving seat and get some direction backContinue reading “Clear the decks…”

Say it with crochet…but what?!

I’ve been a bit quiet lately. But an evening’s gabbing with a good friend, a yarn bomb surprise from another and some Devon downtime has done its magic. Then I got this vintage crochet in the post…eBay I love you. 99p!!! I’ll post more tomorrow but right now I’m looking for ideas for this ‘goodContinue reading “Say it with crochet…but what?!”

Plate envy

I have been rereading old posts and in particular this one. I’m still battling with my metaphorical plate. I’m supposed to be emptying it and I have had some success but then all these projects arise. What’s a girl to do? Latest one is this triumph of a quilt top, thanks eBay. Seriously, isn’t itContinue reading “Plate envy”