Smells like quilt spirit

Welcome to my new purchase. This is a mystery quilt indeed . Was ahorse and buggy blanket according to the original seller on eBay. But it was hidden beauty. There was a quilt inside. You can see the feed sack coverings, the red and blue. Inside once unpicked, here is the quilt too! It smellsContinue reading “Smells like quilt spirit”

long in the (blue)tooth

Bluetooth as a concept has always perplexed me – i know, i don’t get out much it always seems to have so much potential but it is ultimately disappointing. I’m sure we all have people we know who are similar. anyway, i thought id show you one of the very few gadgets ive come acrossContinue reading “long in the (blue)tooth”

Round to it

A pictorial summary – there’s quite a lot going on but I’ve had root canal work today so in not at my most vivacious. Photos will speak for me today. Here we have: An embryonic crochet snail Some cakes for Elders French class (red, white and blue icing) A prototype simple shift dress based onContinue reading “Round to it”

Starry, starry night

You know I like a nice quilt. Well the postman has been busy recently (as have HMRC collecting extra duty grrrr) as I have scored a couple of beauties recently. I’ll post the second one later but here’s number one. A 1930’s feed sack top with lovely stars all hand stitched. I’m thinking simple quiltingContinue reading “Starry, starry night”

Splish splash

No, the title isn’t down to the weather. I will draw a waterproof veil over that. No, today was notable for the fun I had with Elder down at the local pool. It’s been so long since we had the chance to go and now I’m getting more sleep and looking after myself a littleContinue reading “Splish splash”