A lot can happen in three years… A life can change. Today I am in a new house, with a new domestic arrangement and new thoughts filling my head. Three years ago it was very very different… Much darker and harder. I could dwell on the trials and tribulations of the intervening period if IContinue reading “Tri”


So, it’s raining outside. We had a few days where sunshine unfolded my garden but the drip drip drip outside today has driven Me inside and led to rumination. That, and my foot is PAINFUL today. So, i have holed up on my flowery chair with my foot up on another chair and a quiltContinue reading “Drip”

Special relativity

This lockdown lark is at turns wonderful, terrible, exhilarating (yes) and depressing. Yesterday was such hard work. Family life isn’t easy at the best of times, and lets face it, these are not the best of times. After almost a whole day of active parenting (for which read, toleration, argument, discipline, apologies, heart to hearts…hugs)Continue reading “Special relativity”


When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s back in 2007, I did what everybody does. I bought the Micheal J Fox autobiography. The thing I have always carried with me since then is the story he tells of his wife reminding him that there was no point in being cautious in his career choices because thereContinue reading “Shoe”


How are you doing? This world is a little strange these days and I am still trying to work out which way is up. But then i guess there’s plenty of time to work it out. The basic rule is to watch the bubbles. They always rise to the surface. So that’s my plan suchContinue reading “Joy?”