Easy as tweety pie

As promised…a tweety tutorial. This is a really satisfying project as its so quick. I used a wire wreath form that I bought for pennies on eBay. I then wrapped old tissue paper and ( forgive me) loo roll around it, squished it a bit and Sellotaped it secure. Then I got out my scraps.Continue reading “Easy as tweety pie”

FOQ (oh, who cares, it’s been a long day)

Oh God, I hope my bank manager isn’t reading this. Me and my flexible friend had some fun today at the Festival of Quilts. Well, it’s once a year and I don’t spend cash on clothes do I? Another reason for frequenting charity shops I say. Anyway, back to the booty. What did I get?Continue reading “FOQ (oh, who cares, it’s been a long day)”

Hop to it

You have met the wondrous bunny before. Elder’s rock and comfort in the face of Life. Well, He (Elder, not bunny) asked for a tribute cushion yesterday. so, happy to extend my newfound needle felting skills, I agreed. Here’s the result… I drew bunny freehand onto white felt, cut the outline out and then needleContinue reading “Hop to it”


I blame Kirstie Allsopp personally. There I was perfectly happy with my knitting and stitching and then SHE introduces a new craft into the mix – needle felting. L’Allsopp showcased this art on her  Channel 4 programme a while ago. And whoosh! Sales of Clover needle felting equipment went through the roof.  Anyway, Mothers DayContinue reading “Needled”

For the birds

A quick pit stop as I try to complete my Christmas makes…today we have a tinge of the avian. Look… My card making factory…Elder’s cards for school friends to be precise. And a present to me… A work in progress. More to follow on that idea. Better go. little One is I’ll and I amContinue reading “For the birds”