Pin up

Only a few sleeps to go and I realise that I haven’t made a present for elders best friend. So, here’s a quick tutorial for that emergency present.

Remember dear readers, I have a stupid amount of craft equipment because I’m doing so many projects at the same time. All of this was gleaned from my stash. The sum total outlay was £3 For the pin board.

So, get your pin board ( mine was from Sainsburys) and cut a piece of felt about 2 inches bigger all the way round. Pulling it tight, staple it around the wooden frame so that you have covered the wrong side of the frame. I covered the wrong side because there was no drop between the frame and the face of the pin board. You might want to put some wadding over the pin board and then cover it in felt if you prefer to cover the front.

Trim the edges and make it neat. I’ve taken some photographs about how I did the corners.

I then took some pieces of felt and stamped with the recipients name And stapled them down the side to personalise the board.

And there You have it. A personalised pin board. I hope he likes it.














4 responses to “Pin up”

  1. I love it! great idea & tutorial


  2. I really hope we can get together in the new year for a catch up & crafty session


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