Anthropology 2: art student

I lost my jacket, heels and case i left them way behind. I cut my hair and changed my spex, become another kind. I left the ranks of the well paid I missed the Budget speech, I said goodbye to 9 to 5… It all is out of reach. ‘These days I google concept art iContinue reading “Anthropology 2: art student”


With apologies to The Stranglers… Chardonnay Chardonnay yes I know what people say that you’re just the same as eating cakes of cream. i can dream, oh I can dream… that one day they’ll devise wine that doesn’t hit my thighs wine that actually makes you fit and thin Shrinks your skin and sucks youContinue reading “whine”


Have you ever experienced the urge To create a poetic, titanic, splurge Of emotion and passion Of great clarity That moves all your readers And speaks to the soul. But then you set paper to pen (Or these days your laptop opens) And instead of a torrent A trickle comes forth Your words remain twistedContinue reading “Blockhead”

Spring cleaning

Today’s offering is all about wanting to spruce up.   Do you know how to use hair dye What happens if it marks the white grout That frames my tasteful grey tiling How would one start to get it out?   I used to get my hair done professionally I used to get eyebrows, nails,Continue reading “Spring cleaning”