Drive on…

So, I’ve already mentioned the Downton Abbey Swap I took part in on Ravelry.  Well, my spoilee emailed this weekend to say she has received my little shoebox all the way in Maine.  She said she likes the goodies, phew! Want to see?!!??! Look…. The basic idea was that you were knitting for your partner’sContinue reading “Drive on…”

Shoestring chic

As the wonderful Jean Kerr once wrote ‘I buy underpants like others buy gin, wildly, recklessly….’ I am the same with craft books. My latest is ‘Chic on a Shoestring’ by Mary Jane Baxter. Here she is. However, for the first time I thought I’d write a review. This way I will have a recordContinue reading “Shoestring chic”