This is my scarf. I finished it Wednesday. A mere three years and ten months after I cast on. It is the definition of glacial speed. It is the embodiment of patience. It waits. It watches. It sits. I love it.

When I showed it off to Elder he took. A long hard look and said “but mummy, why have you left all those holes in it?” Clearly the attractions of lacework are lost on him.


4 responses to “Patience”

  1. wow! I wish i could knit too ! jealous!!


    1. Oooo get someone to show you! This is actually a v simple pattern to do. Go on, have a go!


  2. seeing through the eyes of a child! anyway another UFO finished – well done, it is beautiful!


  3. […] (or they used to be) Train tickets – MUST do my expenses claim Knitting pattern for this scarf Lovely note from the lovely Dillytante which accompanied a yarn-bombed prochet rose afixed to […]


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