Funny times chez Stitch…shifts in circles, changes in routine, ever growing and developing children, challenges both big and small…so how do you keep an even keel? How do you make sure you are true to yourself? There’s no real answer to that I suppose but things I have learnt this week towards that goal areContinue reading “Level”

Caught & social

So, I started my MA. I’m a student and my brain is wrenching and uncurling accordingly. Good brain. Well done. And I’m trying to work out what my ‘thing’ is. I have to have a ‘thing’. I thought my thing was flow. The creative process itself. That light bulb moment. But, I don’t think thisContinue reading “Caught & social”

Cast off

So, I have got to the point where I’ve changed the tagline on this blog. It used to be craft orientated but let’s be honest guys, that is falling by the wayside isn’t it? And I’ve gone into art, life, Parkinson’s,… Everything really. So, the tagline has changed to reflect it. I expected to feelContinue reading “Cast off”


  Clarity is rare. Most of the time we are distracted by day to day responsibilities, the school run, the commute, the tube strike, the grocery bill…and then every now and then you get a chink of time, a window, that lets you see with precision, see everything. I was lucky this weekend, I got a chink.Continue reading “Clarity”

I see the Finishing tape

its almost the end: The end of the month. The end of the (rhyming) line. The coda, Full stop.  Start again.  One more time. I’ve been quite hermetic, I’ve not written much. But I’m happy I’ve written what’s right. And I’ve put myself into my words, spilt my blood, Vented spleen, cried some tears, lateContinue reading “I see the Finishing tape”