London buses…

My projects are like London Buses…you wait for ages and then 3 come along together. Here’s a peek at what I’m fiddling around with at the moment. Just to whet your appetite…  This is part of a sewing swap I’m taking part in – I’ve talked about these before. A great excuse to try newContinue reading “London buses…”

The magic fabric roundabout

It was a case of fabric out fabric in today. A box to the lovely Christine from who is going to use my destash lovelies for charitable purposes. Out it went. Then on the way back from a physio appt ( wrecked hand) I found these gorgeous skirts and monsoon top from our localContinue reading “The magic fabric roundabout”

Once I had a secret love…

Finally I get to show off my latest creation – do you like? this thing gave  me blisters but I LOVE it!! and I gave it away!!!! It was my end of a stash buster sewing swap on mysewingcircle and so I bade a fond farewell to my 3rd child and sent it off into theContinue reading “Once I had a secret love…”

Is it that time already?

Reader, I lay awake for 2 hours last night/ this morning thinking, amongst other thoughts of what I could blog today. I came up with loads of stuff, I really did. Sadly I can’t remember a thing. Not a sausage. Sorry. So instead I’ll go Beat and ramble awhile. I am flush from a newContinue reading “Is it that time already?”