London buses…

My projects are like London Buses…you wait for ages and then 3 come along together. Here’s a peek at what I’m fiddling around with at the moment. Just to whet your appetite…

Mystery project #1

 This is part of a sewing swap I’m taking part in – I’ve talked about these before. A great excuse to try new things, this is my most ambitious yet albeit small scale. You’ll see this  one soon. The deadline is end of October!

What next? Oh yes, I am VERY excited about this one…a long awaited quilt project, started at least 8 years ago. Here’s the backing fabric, just arrived…

Pretty eh? I’m hopeful of this one being OK. I’ll show you the top once I have ironed it…and finally another foray into frock mutilation. Look at the fabric!

Shame the dress is so awful – but not for long!! SO as you can see its a hive of activity here at Stitchy Towers. Watch this space!


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