So I’m on a tube. Speeding from Baker Street to Waterloo. Ion the silver shiny jubilee line.  This was my old commute down to Canary Wharf. Today I get off earlier but oh how much have I reacted to this trip? I feel such a sense of loss as I stand here avoiding tourist backpacks.Continue reading “Tube”

Silver spoon

I look for a silver spoon To help the medicine go down  The bitter taste sticks around And reminds me that  Life is not all sugar It’s not so sweet at times. But then, sugar isn’t really sweet A history stained with tyranny and tears.  Shielded by marketing and greed But it fixes the rancidContinue reading “Silver spoon”


Step Lemmings throw themselves Weeds drape Beetles clamber And eggs roll The edge marks a start A change you can’t change A turn or a twist A drop or a fall A push A shove Nails drag as they cling Some change is a good thing Some Step