What shall we do today?

Elder and I had a lovely day together yesterday. We dropped Little One off at nursery and went for a cup of tea at Waitrose (BIG treat), caught the bus into town, forgot all about household chores for a while (me), was thrilled with a ‘well done’ sticker from the dentist (him) and mooched round the library (both of us). Here’s what I ended up with

Library lovelies

The Jane Asher baking book is particulary good and the recipes seem achievable – this weekend is looking to be cake filled! Tucked behind my library books is a treat…

The Crafty Minx

So far it’s absolutely brilliant and I can see my make list expanding. Here’s her blog for further information and inspiration.

A good day overall. I’m so pleased.

Here’s my progress on the to do list:

Get back to tracking food properly with my weightwatchers app – halfway there
Fold the laundry – done! It was a Mount Everst but its done
Iron! ALmost finished – world first!
Finish the office – almost!
Take LO for his jabs owch! – cancelled because he was ill – next week instead
Have a full on playdate with lots of kids over – tomorrow – done, knackered!!
Drive to Reading for work – eek – done, and felt v proud of myself.
Enjoy mm sister’s visit – cancelled it. MIL is ill so too much on sadly.
Remember dad – ah, yes
Call my friend Nic – not yet…
Finish up the tax for dad – not yet…
Sleep!!!!! trying

SO, OK ish so far. Lets see how it stands come Sunday, eh?


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