Cast off

So, I have got to the point where I’ve changed the tagline on this blog. It used to be craft orientated but let’s be honest guys, that is falling by the wayside isn’t it? And I’ve gone into art, life, Parkinson’s,… Everything really. So, the tagline has changed to reflect it. I expected to feelContinue reading “Cast off”

Prints charming

Well, you guys now that I have dabbled in the fabric design previously. Up until now though, I’ve how to use an American provider, Spoonflower. But, that seems to be set to change… Introducing my new design courtesy of -This is a UK outfit and they are offering digital printing at £29.99 per metre.Continue reading “Prints charming”

There a stitch in my bucket

So, I said I’d post a tutorial type chat about what I did with the TopShop skirt I got for £2 in Sue Ryder. Here it is….I realise that the pictures may be a little rubbish. I’ll try to get some better ones when there’s natural light.  I made a little sewing bucket bag combinngContinue reading “There a stitch in my bucket”

Skirting the issue

Now you know I love a charity shop….I aslo like a charity chop and so here’s my latest rejig of a bargain buy. This was a perfectly good denin skirt with a lace panel thingy around it. Unfortunately it was way too small for me, so you know my normal solution to these problems….CHOP! aContinue reading “Skirting the issue”

If the skirt fits….

January is traditionally the month of diets. Well, if yours has failed miserably here’s a way of making your too-tight skirt fit again. Firat measure your waist, or just below it depending on where you want the skirt to sit. Then sit down as you ponder how the tape measure could be so wrong. OnceContinue reading “If the skirt fits….”

What Quarkee did next

How was your Mother’s Day? Mine was spent doing housework!!! But i had a great day the day before being taken to a big charity furniture warehouse and a knitting shop in Stroud I’d been meaning to go to for ages. Fab. I also got lots of time with my boys and the chance toContinue reading “What Quarkee did next”

Once I had a secret love…

Finally I get to show off my latest creation – do you like? this thing gave  me blisters but I LOVE it!! and I gave it away!!!! It was my end of a stash buster sewing swap on mysewingcircle and so I bade a fond farewell to my 3rd child and sent it off into theContinue reading “Once I had a secret love…”

Those were the days my friend

I thought a trip down memory lane was in order as I’ve just found some of my quilt photos. Some of these are quite old I must admit but its nice to see them again. Each has it’s own story attached to it – that’s why I love quilts. for my MIL who loves catsContinue reading “Those were the days my friend”