Cast off

So, I have got to the point where I’ve changed the tagline on this blog. It used to be craft orientated but let’s be honest guys, that is falling by the wayside isn’t it? And I’ve gone into art, life, Parkinson’s,… Everything really. So, the tagline has changed to reflect it. I expected to feel sorry about it but really it is liberating.

perfection is misleading I think. When you think about all the characters in children’s stories who seek or are obsessed with perfection, they are all evil ones.  I don’t want the pressure but I want to keep my standards. So, no ‘good enough’ for me, I will strive to be good but stop short of perfect because it’s not worth it and ultimately damaging. 

Am I really casting off? No, I think I’m casting around really. That sounds as if I have no Direction. Actually, I’m enjoying the view – the longer i spend thinking about it, the simpler it becomes : I just have to focus on experience, family and emotion.

I also have to focus on health. so boring. But necessary. The Parkinsons is definitely debilitating these days even though I don’t like admitting that. So, I have a choice don’t I? I love to tell my boys the same thing. Either one or the other. Well, I can either choose to start looking after myself properly or crash and burn. And the latter is not an option, is it?

To that end, I have started a new therapy which is, dare I say it, effective. I will do a proper Post about it shortly but if you are interested please message. I’m not selling anything, this is not a commercial thing at all – I am happy to share my story. And it makes me realise that I really have to think about maintenance, maintenance of my body. My boys are so energetic, they would be : they are only 5 and 9 and I need to keep up with them. At the moment they are killing me!


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