My new house

A sneak preview of my next TV friendly stitching project. I can watch La Beeny and dream of a reorganised revamped sewing room…

Honey bee

Is there any site more edifying than s long shot containing three machines? Thursday is now my favourite day of the week. Our local primary school has started a sewing club for grown ups!!

Done and dusted…

Yeah, right. Those of you who have been with me for a while (hello, thankyou!!) will know full well my propensity for starting rather than finishing projects. I may not have said much about making recently but I can confirm I remain consistent in my scattyness So, just to give comfort to my fellow stitchoholics,Continue reading “Done and dusted…”

Rip it up?

I’m as torn as this lovely quilt that arrived today. Do I chop it up and turn it into pictures, pillows and the like? The quilting is exquisite, flowers, feathers, tiny tiny cross hatching. How do I do it justice? Like I said, torn. Ideas?


Just about to embark on a laptop cozy for my ruby red treasure. I’ve got some off cuts of upholstery fabric and a some vintage buckles for the Yarnit shop. I hope I do the materials justice….the fabric is just beautiful quality. And the buckles are brilliant. Erk!