Done and dusted…

imageYeah, right. Those of you who have been with me for a while (hello, thankyou!!) will know full well my propensity for starting rather than finishing projects. I may not have said much about making recently but I can confirm I remain consistent in my scattyness

So, just to give comfort to my fellow stitchoholics, here’s my list…

knitted bike seat cover – a kit recently given to me by a very kind friend following my car accident

oil painting of some fish – a toe, dipped very tentatively back into a medium I last dabbled in 25 years ago

a baby quilt for my niece

a quilt for Little One

My chair

A carry case for my sewing machine

It goes on and on but I can’t admit to it all, it makes it far too real! What I need is a notebook to jot all my ideas down…a new section to this blog maybe?


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