What’s (in) your bag?

It’s Choose-day everyone

..and today I choose to get rid of chaos in my day. A big ask you might think but baby steps and all that…this morning was chaotic to say the least. I couldn’t find my headphones (big problem, my music laden walks are a treat in my day) and I’ve tidied my security pass away so effectively it’s disappeared. Grrrrr. Anyway, here’s one reason why mornings can be, ahem, bumpy.

This is the contents of my handbag. This is my handbag, with BB next to it for perspective purposes. Small, isn’t it? Tardis-like isn’t it? Even the Tardis deserves a tidy.

So, here is the weeded version. Shall I take you thru the important pieces…are you nosey enough to care?

RNLI notebook – to stop me forgetting stuff as I seem to be doing more and more these days. I blame it on the water.
My credit cards and wallet – cheerfully coloured Weapons of Massive Consumption (or they used to be)
Train tickets – MUST do my expenses claim
Knitting pattern for this scarf
Lovely note from the lovely Dillytante which accompanied a yarn-bombed prochet rose afixed to my gate a while ago
Crayons, car and raisens – I have a ‘magic handbag’ don;t you know, it comes to the rescue in child unfriendly zones
Keys and key covers – one day they will be together
Lip glosses – never wear it but I aim to
Hair clips – what can I say, my hair is a burden to me
Small bits of knitted teddy bears’ ears – WIP from 2011. RIP Teddy.
A conker – from Eldest. It keeps spiders away don’t you know?
Seasalt receipt – love that shop
Cash and Keys – for when I run away from work and make it back home
(not pictured) – phone and BB – lifelines, natch.

What’s in your bag???

Updated: I forgot to say , there are benefits to this tidying lark. Look who I found…nom, nom, nom.


7 responses to “What’s (in) your bag?”

  1. I favour pockets, myself (especially for keys and tissues). The main disadvantage is that a lot of ladies’ clothes have rubbish pockets (if any at all). And I did nearly wash my ‘phone along with my walking trousers once…

    Oh, of course I have a bag. I have several. One contains oil paints and an easel, but you don’t want to know about that one, do you? My blue canvas nearly-a-messenger-bag that is my default everyday bag contains:
    – diary,
    – notebook,
    – cotton carrier bag,
    – neck gaiter (for when it’s cold),
    – pen,
    – spectacle fixing kit,
    – lip salve,
    – extra tissues,
    – paper serviettes,
    – old gift vouchers,
    – folding hair brush/mirror,
    – regular size antitangle comb,
    – digital camera,
    – ‘phone,
    – another pen that lives with the ‘phone
    – prescription sunglasses
    – purse

    The last 4 or 5 get moved around to other bags / pockets sometimes.

    But the blue bag is the most capacious shoulder bag that I’ve got. If I’m going somewhere where they will be useful, I often add an MP3 player, a paperback novel, and an A-Z to it.


    1. And today, I added an umbrella…


      1. I’m on the way home and have added a large dinosaur to my hoard. Well, large compared to my handbag.


  2. Ahh, you see my trick is just to move onto a new bag each time mine gets too full of crap to use. I bury my hand inbetween the old receipts, pens, raisins, crayon rolls (I’ve made too many!), leaves, flowers, fluffy unknowns, tissues, dummies, copious lists and coppers that I can’t be bothered to put away properly, scoop out the essential keys, purse and phone, and transfer them into the nearest uncluttered one. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not choosing between one mulberry and another designer bag (see, I don’t even know the name of another make of posh handbag!); many of my bags are homemade, but it does mean I don’t have to face the mess as often! ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. But don’t you end up with a bigger and bigger bag?!?!?! It’s a very good approach to justify making lots of lovely bags!


    1. No, no. That’s the genius. I leave the unessential crap (dinosaurs and dead leaves), and just move the three key items. Winner! (and yes, it’s a great excuse to make lots of bags ๐Ÿ™‚ )


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