Knowledge 2

So it’s taken me a while (but what’s new) but here is my second instalment of my diagnosis story. First instalment can be found here. So there I was, holding down a high powered job, crossing the globe advising multinationals at board level about their tax governance etc etc,  looking after two small boys, tryingContinue reading “Knowledge 2”

Sugar free

We all know that sugar is the enemy… Normally moments of claritybring strength and hidden depth. Today I’m seeing, unfortunately The cul de sac of death. My limbs turn to lead I live within my head. And it will get worse. There is no cure, Just this curse. And that, is the truth. No sugarContinue reading “Sugar free”


Funny times chez Stitch…shifts in circles, changes in routine, ever growing and developing children, challenges both big and small…so how do you keep an even keel? How do you make sure you are true to yourself? There’s no real answer to that I suppose but things I have learnt this week towards that goal areContinue reading “Level”