Funny times chez Stitch…shifts in circles, changes in routine, ever growing and developing children, challenges both big and small…so how do you keep an even keel? How do you make sure you are true to yourself? There’s no real answer to that I suppose but things I have learnt this week towards that goal are as follows:

  • Be consistent. If you like Marmite, don’t be swayed just because everyone else says its pants. You like Marmite, big deal!
  • Be open. Talk to new people, ask them about themselves. Make new friends. Take the focus away from the now and look to the future. All life is change after all. If it isn’t it would be sooooooo boring. 
  • Be honest. With yourself. Being timid and not facing up to the truth, however painful or unpleasant in the short term, will not give long term relief. I am not good at this, I hate conflict, but sometimes it’s better to recognise a bad situation, cauterise it and then move on. 
  • Appreciate what you have. Do you have good friends, constant spouses, loving children? Excellent! Take notice of that fact and remind yourself that they are the important ones. They matter.
  • And stop being so serious! I am serious quite a lot of the time at the moment. I need to stop. It’s more fun helping Elder make a minecraft Mayan temple than doing the dishes. No contest. No brainer. 

That’s it, pearls of wisdom duly scattered. You know I’m joking about the pearls, right? But not about the things I have learnt. Definitely not that. 


2 responses to “Level”

  1. Good friends are so very, very valuable. I agree with everything else you say, too… with the possible caveat that the present is just as important as the future, especially when your horizons have moved.


    1. Yes, I see your point, I guess I’m just thinking about how things are changing round here what with doing the MA et cetera. But you are right, good friends are a very valuable thing.


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