Sugar free

We all know that sugar is the enemy…

moments of clarity
bring strength and hidden depth.

Today I’m seeing, unfortunately

The cul de sac of death.

My limbs turn to lead

I live within my head.

And it will get worse.

There is no cure,

Just this curse.

And that, is the truth.

No sugar in this diet.

Did I shock or dismay?
Do you want to turn away?

Is this what we do

With my unsweetened view?

But consider if we

Chose to focus on sweet

Sentimental but meaningless words.

We would stick in the syrup

Be gummed to the floor,

And no one would fight.

Why fight? What for?

So no. No sugar for me.

If alternatives are bitter

Inaction too sour

Then maybe just maybe

We’ll find that damn cure. 


One response to “Sugar free”

  1. Reblogged this on Stitch this… and commented:

    I make no apologies for the directness of this poem…we all stare into the abyss at times. Here’s how I drag myself back.


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