Choose-day – Twitterific

After yesterday’s trials and tribulations today’s Choice was pretty easy – give myself a little ‘Me’ time. Well, I’m working today so that could prove difficult. And then I remembered that old-fashioned notion of the Lunch Hour. Remember them? Reader, I took it!

Lovely, lovely Twitter proved perfect for finding a place to go (mega thanks to Tamsin for the directions) and where did I end up? Habby Heaven of course….hidden in the entrails of St Nicholas’ Market in Bristol I found not one but two craft shops. I lingered in the Homage to Habby shop – OMG I think I died and shot to Heaven – I love a bit of bias binding. There’s a lovely card/stamp/bead type of shop too, owned by the same people.

Go to Bristol and seek them out!

Anyway, Ive got approx 2 mins left of my Lunch Hour. Time enough to say Thank You to Twitter and Tamsin. Choose Life indeed, and today it was multicoloured!


One response to “Choose-day – Twitterific”

  1. Going to bookmark this one! Sounds Fab…


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