I have a confession to make, I have another love in my life. I have been working on another venture and this weekend it took flight. I am now the founder of an arts space here in Stitchopolis. Can you believe it??  Check it out here.  Hope you like!

Benefit in kind

Parkinsons is a journey rather than a destination and yesterday saw a stop off to check the map. I had a ‘voluntary’ interview to do with benefits I am claiming and I found myself coming face to face with the realisation that my working life has ended. Uncomfortable to say the least. I had aContinue reading “Benefit in kind”


Over the last year or so, things have changed a lot as you know. I’ve been made redundant, got a new completely different job, crashed the car,found my inner cyclist, been up and down the road of Parkinson’s and spent lots more time with my boys.Peaks and troughs indeed. One of the things I saidContinue reading “Kaleidoscope”

Homeward bound…

A day of mixed emotions here. I hope your day was clearer. On the one hand I have had a mentally stimulating day, discussing and learning about the latest technical developments in my chosen field. The course was in a very chi chi hotel in Big London so this morning found me Paddington bound onContinue reading “Homeward bound…”

Pick and mix

    You know, I have always been in Praise of Slow. Normally it’s in the context of crafty ditherings but it can also be re life choices and similar trivia. I was made redundant almost 5 months ago. I had Little One almost three years ago. I was dx 5 years ago. Yep, it’sContinue reading “Pick and mix”

Baggage – the obligatory back to school post

Oh, you know it’s an inevitability like death and taxes – the back to school post. So, let’s talk bags. Yep, bags. They are, I feel, a bit of a metaphor – I’ve got a range on bags in my life and in my cupboards, apart from the ubiquitous Yorkshire Tea (Aside: this was recommendedContinue reading “Baggage – the obligatory back to school post”


So, today started quite grumpy tbh. No sleep and post holiday mardiness tbh. BUT I recused the day by having a play with stamping. I have been reading Martha Stewart Living on the train to and from work and thought lets have a go! So, I’ve played with some scraps and they’re drying now. IContinue reading “Stomp!”