Benefit in kind

Parkinsons is a journey rather than a destination and yesterday saw a stop off to check the map. I had a ‘voluntary’ interview to do with benefits I am claiming and I found myself coming face to face with the realisation that my working life has ended. Uncomfortable to say the least. I had a full and successful working life and losing that is hard. I know my new focus on domesticity is a more than adequate replacement but I still feel like I’ve lost a limb. Sometimes I want to shout how unfair this diagnosis is and now is one of those times. As I say, I’ve checked the map and don’t like the planned route ahead so I’d better try and plot a new course. Self help here I come, goodbye self pity. Beep!!


One response to “Benefit in kind”

  1. Some time ago I caught up to an uncle I don’t see often who was diagnosed a couple of years ago, and i asked him how he was getting on.His reply was that he wished he had been diagnosed years before he was so that he had more time to get used to it. Obviously doesn’t effect the funny bone!


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