When did you last sit down and read a book? I have to admit that, having formerly been a complete bookworm, I have been absolutely rubbish over the last few years. I could blame it on parentage of course, that really, it’s down to my scatter brain approach to life these days I think. I like to grab an immediate thrill and I get that from making stuff I guess. That or cocaine.

I sometimes wonder why I have never bothered to join a book club. They are as you know quite the thing. And of course, I can’t bring myself to think about reading a book that I hate. Even though, you normally end up loving the book. I remember how long it took me to finish 1984 but I still think it’s a brilliant read now.

The picture above is what’s on my shelf at the moment. Admittedly, I’ve tidied it and they do look a bit arty now. But, this is genuinely what I’m aiming to read even though I know I never will.

A quick look will show you:

Various children’s books Obviously brought in by the children at some point.

A couple of child psychology books for when I get to be a good parent.

The collected works of Dorothy Parker. I love the woman.

A copy of Revolutionary Road which i have been meaning to read for years now.

A book on reducing Parkinson symptoms with nutrition and drugs. That’s my current read. Sadly, wine has not featured in it yet.

Knitting patterns, Needlecraft Stamp set and some really cool Japanese picture cards that I got in the charity shop. No idea what I’m going to do with any of them. Since when has that stopped me?

The Blogesses’ autobiography. This is the second book, next.

And a ‘dip in’ book called things I wish my mother had told me – quite funny.

And that it. As with my stitching, most are works in progress and likely to never be completed. But hey, nice to look at. Well, at least they are now.

What’s on your shelf?