Porridge ponderings

So, here I am, staring into the black, black morning as the train carries me to Work. Look, you can have healthy porridge these days – it’s pretty good actually. This is my time for planning my week. Here’s my roll call…

Loads on at work so it’s laptop up straight after this blog. Probably some evening hours this week too.

What about making? Well, my self imposed finishing rule means I have to get Little One’s jacket done. Blurgh. I have it with me so I’ll do some on the way home. I want it finished this month.

My other project for January is to continue to sort my sewing areas out. I am organising my ribbons and threads – a mammoth task but it’s getting there. I’m bagging them all up so I can stuff them into drawers without creating a mouse nest, albeit a luxurious one.

Next thing is Tax Returns – due at the end of the month. Nuff said.

Final task is to scale Mount Ironing. When I win the lottery I’m going to outsource all laundry, I swear. My poor family are always in creases, and not of laughter. Sigh.

Shall we have a bet as to whether I finish all these jobs this week? No? You’re right, betting needs an element of chance and I’m pretty clear on my likelihood of success…

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