“The best biscuits I’ve ever tasted”

I am not much of a cook.

Dear Husband (DH) does most of the cooking tbh. I pootle about with baking instead. My grandmother taught me to bake. We used to make a full afternoon tea spread whenever we went up to visit her. Apple pie (lots of cloves), coffee cake, cheese scones…you can imagine. I still use the same recipe book, the Be-ro book, now. I have a modern version I use day to day but I’ve also got my grandmother’s one too, from the 1950’s. The recipes are almost exactly the same. Forget Cath Kidston, if you want retro-chic try the Be-ro book.

Anyway, I made their chocolate chip cookies but added in over ripe pears and substituted 1oz of dark sugar in place of the normal caster. They were GORGEOUS! I made them becasue I have some tiddlers coming to play after school tomorrow. Sadly we’ve scoffed almost all the cookies so they’ll get Jammie Dodgers instead.

The title of this post was DH’s commt, mumbled through the crumbs. Bless. Happy days indeed.

Update: Yes – I know they are not beautiful but they make up for it in taste, I promise.

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