Is it wrong to crave order? I want to be organised and be in control (just a little) of my life but my brain just doesn’t work like that anymore. I don’t know whether it’s the parkinsons or small child derived exhaustion or just good old fashioned stress. Most probably a dash of each with a pinch of martyrdom just to be sure. I’ll go before this turns into a self pitying winge but if anyone has an answer I’d love to know. Big time.


One response to “Order”

  1. We stitch our own world and reality… than we live in it! For a while at least, because it tends to fall apart when we least expect it. The Super Glue to hold it all together indefinitely has yet to be invented. In my opinion, we will only ever begin to live, once we embrace the impermanence of life itself and ignore the rest. This never ending trailing Moment of Now is all there is in the context of our perceived Time / Space Continuum anyway… than we die and start over! Did you miss a stitch there just now?



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