So, here I am, on my Early train to big London when I spy this quote from Aneurin in the paper

“we know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over. ”

great quote. It got me thinking. We went to see Hugh Laurie play his debut gig at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival last night. I’m sure there will be rapturous reviews posted elsewhere. It was broadcast live on Radio 2. We left after 40 minutes, however. Sorry Hugh.

On the one hand I admire him for getting up there and having a go. The man can play a mean jazz piano but it was all too MOR for me. Not bluesy enough. And the acoustics and sound levels were appalling. It sounded fuzzy. Other half and I were both thinking ‘life’s too short for this’ so we left. Oh the tuts we got! We waited til an opportune moment to creep out but there were disapproving looks all round. We used our precious babysitting time to go for a meal in a badly cheltenham races-themed pizza place. But that’s another story.

The point is that life IS too short to settle for the norm just because it’s what everyone is doing. So, go for it Hugh. Good luck with your new career. I think it’s ace you are showing this new side. I just won’t be there for the next gig. I hope you understand.



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