The Sound of Music

Always up for an invocation of the Greatest Musical Ever, I’ve been meaning to write about PD and music for ages but it’s been so busy recently. What’s new?! Anyway here we go, quite literally. I have a theory that you are either touched by music or not. What I mean is that you eitherContinue reading “The Sound of Music”

Nowt so queer as Folk

so, i’m a bit of an indie chick. One day I will list my loves properly but I’ve already written about Echo and the Bunnymen. I went to a new kind of gig (for me) a couple of days ago. Other Half got tickets to see one of his personal favourites, loud0n wainwright. He wasContinue reading “Nowt so queer as Folk”

24 hours

what a great 24hrs…Ian McCullough at Gloucester Guildhall…we were in the front row. Stripped down Bunnymen greats, covers and solo lovelies. It was amazing….until he just got up and left! Rubbish ending, sadly. Yesterday was a year since my father died and McCullough played songs that were so relevant eg Rust that I was cryingContinue reading “24 hours”

No, I really am actually a grown up

Time for a trip down memory lane…I was walking down to a girls night out this week (which was fab btw, a much needed treat) when I passed this poster. Now, Mr McCullough was a bit of an idol to me when I was a teenager. The Bunnymen were my heroes. Porcupine was my firstContinue reading “No, I really am actually a grown up”