Peak – aboo

So, I said before that life is a series of peaks and troughs around here at present. Last post saw me pretty much in a trough. Today I am aiming for a peak so let’s have a chat about my embryonic new quilting project and what’s on the (very posh) circular needles at the moment. Onwards and upwards.

I am very pleased to say that I’ve come across a lovely lady who is local to me and who sells fab Knit Pro needles and other gorgeousness via her virtual shop Woolstack. Blimmin’ marvellous.

this is what I'm aiming for

I’m working on this project at the moment using ribbon yarn that has been hidden at the bottom of my stash for at least 3 years (oops). Its coming on well but having cast on using wooden needles I realised metals would be a world better hence my dash to Woolstack which is in my neck of the woods, it turns out. Less than 12 hours later I had them as I went to pick them up rather than wait for P&P. Brilliant. I highly recommend this shop!

On quilting, I have recently acquired (yes, I know I wasn’t meant to be shopping but they were crying out for TLC) some embroidered tray cloths from the 30’s or 40’s I’d say. They are just block size so I feel a vintage stylee quilt coming on…here are the cloths…

some of the tray cloths

Anyway, much more positive today – hooray!


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