In praise of knitting circles

Chat chat chat

Did I ever mention the knitting club I frequent? It’s wonderful. I went last night even though I was feeling shaky and I’m so glad I did. Lovely chat and lovely cake. Plus I FINISHED LITTLE ONE’s JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s taken a year but I cast off last night thank God! Just have to sew it up now…expect photos soon.


3 responses to “In praise of knitting circles”

  1. i love my knitting/crochet circle. i’m the youngest by about 30 years but have so much fun and hear all the local news.


    1. They’re great aren’t they? Ours is quite an age range these days. Getting trendy maybe?!


  2. […] of ‘going to Heaven parties’. That, together with a discussion last night at knitting club on why people blog got me thinking. The cogs creaked into action as […]


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