What am I like?


Stitchy Towers has been a little subdued recently due to a preponderance of ‘going to Heaven parties’. That, together with a discussion last night at knitting club on why people blog got me thinking. The cogs creaked into action as follows.

Why blog? To have a diary. Who for? Me, yes. My boys? yes I think so. I want them to hear MY voice, know what I’m like as person.

Winston’s Wish do memory boxes for parents to prepare. How will I be remembered when I’m gone? I’ve realised that this blog is my virtual memory box. Is that a bit ‘dark’? as an ex-Goth that’s fine by me.

So, the first item in my box is a mix tape. Today’s time travel track is ‘on a night like this’ by The Cure. I am 15 again. I can float away on this tune.

No maudlin behaviour here, however Now where’s my hairspray, comb to spike my hair and Robert Smith lippy. Hey, at least being shaky won’t stop me from doing that look!!


3 responses to “What am I like?”

  1. You’re an ex-goth?! Some of my best friends are ex-goths (one or two haven’t bothered with the ex). I think I was just a latent goth – I was a bit too scared of the whole make up thing and I’ve never been any good at joining stuff. But my favourite band is still All About Eve. Who weren’t quite goths… at least, not by the time they got a deal on a major label. And The Cure are rather fantabulous, too.


  2. i saw them at the ALbert Hall – fabulous they were. I never did the full goth black lipstick look – more Bunnymen chic, ahem.


  3. […] I like it that way, I need space, I know that now. So, I’m keeping this blog – I reread this post tonight and it has reminded me why I started all this, way […]


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