All flounced out?

Part 2…I think I’ve just ruined a perfectly good, if small, maxi dress… Gulp.


So, I made some binding with the fabric chopped off. Then sewed it on round the top to make pleats of the gathers.


Then I hacked off the bottom tier to make a ruffled edge.


And here’s where I’ve got to. Just need to put the straps on. I think. And put ricrac on it. Gotta have ricrac.


To be worn with jeans and a shrug. I think I like it. Not sure. Thoughts?!?!


2 responses to “All flounced out?”

  1. Oooh I tihnk I like it too! When you’ve attached the ricrac what you really need to do it take a photo of it on you, so we can see how lovely it looks on. It’s cute.


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