Style i-con or style i-can?

WordPress do a daily post prompt which I always look at but seldom follow up on but today’s is to describe your personal style. I couldn’t resist. Why? Well I wanted to share my personal style theory – the world is divided into two types of person:: amateurs and professionals. The latter are groomed, creaseContinue reading “Style i-con or style i-can?”

There a stitch in my bucket

So, I said I’d post a tutorial type chat about what I did with the TopShop skirt I got for £2 in Sue Ryder. Here it is….I realise that the pictures may be a little rubbish. I’ll try to get some better ones when there’s natural light.  I made a little sewing bucket bag combinngContinue reading “There a stitch in my bucket”

Skirting the issue

Now you know I love a charity shop….I aslo like a charity chop and so here’s my latest rejig of a bargain buy. This was a perfectly good denin skirt with a lace panel thingy around it. Unfortunately it was way too small for me, so you know my normal solution to these problems….CHOP! aContinue reading “Skirting the issue”

Quick as a flash!

Here’s a very fast refashion, easy! Take a waistcoat purchased from a fab charity shop I visited today while waiting for a train after a PD appointment. You’ve got to make the most of these opportunities! so, hey presto! Some funky buttons, removal of chain store labelling and a nifty corsage (felt, scrap of fabricContinue reading “Quick as a flash!”

If the skirt fits….

January is traditionally the month of diets. Well, if yours has failed miserably here’s a way of making your too-tight skirt fit again. Firat measure your waist, or just below it depending on where you want the skirt to sit. Then sit down as you ponder how the tape measure could be so wrong. OnceContinue reading “If the skirt fits….”


Saturday night telly killing your brain cells? Make yourself a fancy Sunday top! Here’s what I started with. Pink cotton jumper from Oxfam. Thanks Oxfam. Well it’s too flat isn’t it? So I jushed it up with some bits. I collected some handy habby… Ripped a strip of my liberty print fabric off (ouch) andContinue reading “Ruffled”