Alles ist total ausgeflopped

Remember me crowing about my charity shop bonanza? Want to see my Tupperware-produced extravaganza? I’d sit down if I were you lest you faint from it’s beauty…ready?


Oh bugger. There goes my ‘domestic goddess’ badge.


5 responses to “Alles ist total ausgeflopped”

  1. Tee hee! Bet it was tasty though!
    Why does cooking always go wrong in a way one never suspects?


    1. My cooking definitely does!


  2. Hehe at least you gave it ago!
    Did you coat the mould with olive oil? Have heard that helps the mould to slide off. Not sure how it would taste though…


    1. I normally dip them in hot water but I was being impatient!! I agree re risk of funny taste….blurgh!


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