The 7 Link Project – stitchy style

Sit down and have a nice cup of tea while you read my wanderings

As promised here we are with my back catalogue…I’ve really enjoyed mooching back through my posts so thanks Mme Lindor again. This is the most complicated post I’ve ever writen too – normally I just blam it out on my iPhone (yes I know, you can tell, Helmut Newton I am not)…anyway here we go, let me know what you think…

Most popular post

Everyone loves a loser – this little blog is about my swift descent from Vintage Glory back down to gritty realism. Enjoy.

Most beautiful post

This blog could have come into a number of these categories but I settled on beautiful because I LOVE the picture I used. I wrote about my mother, ten years on from her death, her foibles, her charms and her love for her family. Go and phone your Mum for a chat. Now.

A post which surprised me with its success

What can I say? This is one of my most popular blogs – the toy itself is safely tucked up in Elder’s bed – gross!

My most controversial post

I don’t really do controversy – this is a stitchy blog ffs but here I go all postmodern feminist and rant at life’s inequities. What’s your opinion – can you have it all?

Most helpful post

I know this was helpful becasue I got a comment (one of my first ever!!) to that effect – I was cockahoop! Birthday parties are however, a minefield. When I wrote this post I was a mere BP beginner – what do I do this year I wonder? Fish and chips on a park benck seems rather attractive at the moment.

A post that did not get the attention I think it deserved

I was hoping for some superhero suggestions from the faceless masses congregating around their PC’s to read my blog…I got…nothing. Still think it’s a good idea though.

A post I’m very proud of

I had a choice here, I could be all Parkinson’s serious or stitchy fun. Reader, life’s hard enough as it is,  I went for the latter. I am SO proud of Stitch Towers, it’s something I have yearned for for years so I present you with a speedy tour of my sewing space, carved out of a solid rockface of acculmulated stuff, tat and buttons.

So that’s me – a mix of nostalgis, disarray and creative juices – I’ve never claimed this blog to be meaningful or erudite – Parkinson’s is not what I am about although sometimes it can feel that way. Stitching is my thing. I hope you come back again to visit – make it after 6pm and it’s trebles all round* whatever’s your particular poison.

Here’s my nominations to continue the project – lets hope they do!

High and Tight in Brixham – what a woman

Needled – I worship from afar. Amazing knitting and a core of steel

Blogging with Parkinson’s – it’s nice not to be alone. This blog resonates with me so much.

Belgian Waffle – blogstar who’s pithy approach got me through my soujorn in SCBU when Little One was born. Find the Owl posts. Please.

Waffle also has written about salted caramels which gives us a bit of Karmic circularity to tie up this post neatly. With a proper knot.

* see what I did there, Private Eye does crochet humour…I know, I really should get out more


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