The university of stitch


I could have been a market trader, me. Oh yes, sell bobbins to Lancashire I could. Maybe. Anyway, this is all to set the scene for today’s post which is about one of my favourite places on t’internet, Quilt University. Are you a graduate? Are you?!


This is just a taste of the quilted stuff I have around the place. eBay, Etsy, auctions…all good for antique and vintage. But making your own is good for the soul. And I like new things so an online interactive workshop or course is perfect. Enter quilt u

I’m doing an EQ7 sampler course at the moment. Ive also over the years done beading, borders, Dear Jane variations (google it!) and s few others. Right now I’m only reading the first lesson, joining in with class discussions and looking at my classmates’ pictures of work done so far. It’s brilliant if you have limited time to get to a real workshop. I’d be interested in what you think. And no, they don’t pay me, sob!


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