This is a stitchy blog, right?

To dawn ponderings…I wondered early this morning how I was doing with my plethora of projects and thought I might revisit my make list for an update. Oh dear. Not much action. Here’s where I’ve got to…

EQ7 usage – well Im supposed to be doing a Quilt University course but havent logged on for 10 days or so…tonight’s treat maybe but I’m doing my stoopid commute today so we’ll see.

Tea tray quilt – languishing on the dining room table – I hear it sobbing sometimes

Lacy crochet scarf – progressing nicely thankyou – look


Customised maxi dress Has not been worn yet! All that ric rac! Tbh it was a bit flouncy for the caravan and a bit hippy for Salcombe. We might be out and about this weekend so I’ll road test it soon.

Blue and White quilt – I have the pieces cut! Yay!

And that’s it. Let’s leave the make list shall we? Let’s look to the future, my favourite place. I got some fab yarn in Cardigan from the covered Market (go there, lovely place) which I’m playing with. Here it is, enjoying a dawn jaunt to big London.


Pretty, no? What shall I make? I’ve got 2 skeins, 100g each. Ravelry don’t fail me now.

Yes, I know I’m talking about starting a new project when I should be finishing the others. Shhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone, they’ll never notice.


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