Salty sea puppies

Now where's that pebble?

Back from Devon again, sigh. My boys are sea salt encrusted sailors now. They hugged their life jackets close and bobbed around with the best of them as we whizzed down the Dart and out to sea. My mother in law came too and had a rare old time even if she did lie on the boat’s floor (why????????)

It's a long way to walk when you want an ice cream…

We spent Saturday in Brixham (hi High!) and had a few tantrums caused by lack of sleep in the main. We went to Brixham Museum – what LOVELY ladies! Oh, they were brilliant. Little One stank the place out with an evil nappy concoction – you know the type – they were extremely gracious and laughed as they directed me to the loos. Oh it was paint strippingly pongy. And yet they smiled.  And I found a quilt, look.

Baby quilt – yessss!

It was small, but perfectly formed. Unlike that noxious nappy.


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