Is there an echo in here?



To the Cotswold Water Park with three girlfriends, escaping mothers all, for a night in a lovely hotel, good food and a little too much wine. What a shot in the arm. I actually read (Caitlin moran’s recent tome) , swam, knitted and chatted. Marvellous.

You really do not realise the sheer lack of me time until you experience a little bit – oh, I’ve missed it!

My friend in another room had an appalling night due to a noisy ventilation shaft but very rightly complained (in a v impressive grown up manner) and got spa day vouchers as an apology. That apart it was ace. I missed the boys more than I expected but I’m definitely up for another flit. Don’t know whether Other Half would agree though….


4 responses to “Is there an echo in here?”

  1. It’s liberating isn’t it?


    1. Reading was a welcome novelty!


  2. Beautiful photos, looks like a lovely time.


    1. Thankyou. It was a lovely place. Very noisy moorhens tho!


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